The mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Oak Island is a tiny island, only half a mile by a mile (0.8 by 1.6 km) in size, that sits in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, which today is a territory of Canada and one of the Maritime Provinces off its east coast.

This unassuming dot on the map would have remained insignificant and virtually unknown if a teenage boy named Daniel McGinnis hadn’t climbed into his canoe to go hunting on the island in 1795. The boy noticed a strange indentation in the ground beneath a large oak tree that curiously was strung with an old ship’s block and tackle. McGinnis decided to start digging with some friends. Although they dug and searched for years, they never found treasure. It only appears to have increased the appeal of Oak Island as a possible treasure location.

Now, 229 years later, this private dig with a shovel and a pickaxe has become an extremely complex treasure hunting operation which is filmed and recorded in real time. The result is a show that is watched by millions of TV viewers worldwide: The Curse of Oak Island.

The Jerusalem Files, the secret journey of the menorah to Oak Island

The authors of “The Jerusalem Files, the secret journey of the Menorah to Oak Island”, Corjan Mol and Christopher Morford, met on Oak Island while they were both filming there for the TV show. The book documents their years of research together and the astonishing revelations and conclusions it produced.